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Success rate of Denti® implants in the daily dental practice Summary, presentation and evaluation of results in 2013

Denti System Ltd. (Hungary) has carried out and processed this survey and it’s evaluation for 2013 based on data given by randomly selected dental practices in accordance with international recommendations. All practices participated in the survey are private dental practices, the leading dentist gave us the informations requested in an „Assesment Form” edited by our company. The survey was carried out anonymously and using the same methods in all practices.

Denti implants will be inserted in most cases by using the  traditional two-stage-surgery protocol of Brånemark. When applying the one-stage-surgery method Denti Implant System has a special line of implants for this purpose and this method can also be supported by the Denti Guide System developed for inserting Denti implants.

The high success rate of 98,88% (which is an impressing result even in an international comparison) is due to the optimal shape, the SLA-microstructure of the surface and also the hardware components manufactured with excellent precision by Hager&Meisinger GmbH (Germany). 
These circumstances ensure optimal conditions for implantations so the surgical methods can be applied quickly and safely.

The entire article is scheduled for release in February 2015 in the Hungarian Dentist.