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Denti Root Form Plus Removable Abutment Types


The ball abutments are available in 2 heights. The ball abutment is made of titanium alloy TiAlV. The radius of the ball is 2 mm.
Ball abutments do not have internal hex connection.


Dentiloc abutment provides spherical retention fixation. It can mainly be utilized in implants with larger axial deviation, where excellent fixation can be provided even at 40’ axial deviation.

Another advantage is its low height resulting in smaller space requirement. Compared to ball-head assembly, it has a larger retention surface, better prevention of loosening, and it is more resistant to wear-and-tear due to the larger interface.



The gingiva formers are designed to use for the formation of a new peri-implant gingival cuff. Denti gingiva formers are designed with two heights. The appropriate one to choose is the one, which is approx. 1 mm longer than the mucoperiosteum. Thus when tightened, it will protrude into the mouth.
In case of implants assembled by a two-stage surgery method, we recommend the use of Denti gingiva formers for the healing period after the second operation.
The so-called transgingival healing screws allow for the aesthetic shaping of the gingiva around the implant. These can be used when implants are assembled by a half-open, half-closed operation method.